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It is often said that the mentor is "Mentor Helps the Learner Discover their Wisdom." 

We endeavour to ensure that the relationship between the mentor and the mentee are of the highest level over the long term.




Our range of treatments can help with emotional challenges , psychiatric disorders and other mental health problems.




Coaching is a task and performance skills requiring feedback at measured intervals as per an agreed plan. You will benefit from a dedicated coach who will measure your performance over a period of time between the learner and the coach.


Emotional Intelligence in Leadership training


How emotionally intelligent are you? Find out via our bespoke research / survey service and contribute to the emotional stability and growth of your staff and organisation respectively.




Our counselling services provide a free and confidential counselling service for young people on a one to one basis or as a group on-site.

At Eco Precious, we use the person centred model of counselling. This enables us to work with our clients  holistically,  with emphasis on both thoughts and feelings.


Go Green


Go green training and education is a charitable service to farmers signed up for our plant a tree initiative and our donors. 

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Training and Education


Going green with your carbon footprint your trail

At Eco Precious, we believe in practicing what we preach. We endeavour to inform all those we come into contact with about the need to go green, the benefits of recycling and the reward in sustainable living.

Training and Information

We ensure our services are up to the highest expectation of our clients by providing  regular information and of our donors and the farmers we support on the latest environmental issues, practices and policies that relate to them.

A friendly knock on your door

Our dedicated client acquisition team may knock on your home or business door to inform you about our fantastic services. This will be an opportunity for you to ask all your go green needs and questions. We hope you sign up to our recycling scheme and reap the rewards.

Promotion and information

In our attempt to reach out to as many eco conscious people as we can, we organise regular canvasing at events and public places to encourage people to sign up.

Share the big news

We are happy you are happy. The days of throwing away useful items are over. get rewarded for your no good household items you believe can be useful to a needy farmer and his family in a remote region of a poor country.

Your reward is a tree of your choice planted in your name if you wish. 

We are grateful for reading up to this point.

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