Recycling is an alternative to the conventional way of our waste disposal that enables us to lower greenhouse gas emissions by converting waste products into new materials or other useful objects. 

Eco Precious solutions provides a simple way of disposing off your useful but unwanted items. We can help you dispose off these items in local incinerators or recycling plants for a small fee after sorting and evaluating the items. Contact us with your queries and post code for a free quote

Up cycling

Upcycling is simply the creative use of you unwanted items. We believe it goes further than that in value. Your unwanted items could improve the quality of life of a deprived farmer and his children in a rural area of a developing country. 

We create a value for your unwanted but useful items by rewarding you with a chance to Plant a tree in your name on the farmers land or on our plant-a-tree initiative Faaman farms. Discover many more benefits from this initiative Here

Sustainable Living

The eco conscious sustainable living plan is our blueprint for achieving our vision to our mission to help you grow a tree to your name. Our sustainable living plan involves helping our donors reduce their carbon footprint by reducing their use of the earth's natural resources. 

We will provide you with all the information you need to go green at home or in the office when you sign up. You can also subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates on practical ways of living sustainably.

Recycling is fun

Its cheaper to recycle through your local authorities recycling scheme however, they may charge you for bulk items unless you are willing to go to the recycling plant yourself. Discover your local recycling plant and make the most of it. Alternatively, contact us for further assistance. 

Charity is a blessing

It's definitely a blessing to give away your unwanted usable items to the needy to use than get them clocked in a landfill waste. Contact us for free removal of your unwanted items you wish to donate. 

We offer free boxes and bags for items you want to keep for us.

Reward your self

Benefits of recycling with us:

  • Free removal of your unwanted items.
  • Offer of free membership of our Plant-a-tree initiative (PaTi).
  • A free go green poster or painting.
  • Free sustainable living and up cycling information.
  • Peace of eco conscious mind, a tidy home and a spacious office.

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